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Action Thriller

Runtime: mins

Release Date: 1st January 1970

Quality: HD-RiP

Category: Telugu Hindi Dubbed

Actors: Ganesh Ramya Avinash Rahul Dev Gurudutt Adi Lokesh Vinaya Prasad Mukesh Rishi Shobharaj

Description: Anand is a ruffian and a street smart guy. He believes in the power of brain instead of brawn. He makes his living by making money out of his intelligent techniques and life takes a turn for him when he chances upon Shalini a few times under inevitable circumstances. Shalini comes to India after her education in foreign countries and she is the darling daughter of the police commissioner. She thinks that Anand is a good for nothing guy and that too a rowdy who is a menace. She pressurizes her father to arrest Anand and get him behind bars and the commissioner does it. Shalini's life takes a turn when she is spotted by the sadistic son (Avinash) of a mafia don (Mukesh Rishi) and from then on, he keeps chasing her to marry him. Things take a messy turn when the henchmen of the don enter the house of the commissioner and threaten him to get his daughter married to the don's son. With no other go, he decides to keep the girl under the custody of Anand for about a month away from the goons. Shalini reluctantly agrees to take shelter with Anand at his home.Shalini, the daughter of the Police Commissioner who's being pursued by the sadistic son of a don takes refuge under Anand, a street smart ruffian.

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