Aafat-e-Ishq 6.4
As Lallo turns 30, she wants to find true love - the kind that exists in fables and fairytales and her favourite novel Kagaz ki Kashti. While she does have friends like Suhaani who lives downstairs and Aatmaram, the friendly ghost of a singing sensation who has been her companion for 10 years, Lallo now wants to go out to the outside world and find her suitor. She manages to convince her employer Bahuji to let her leave the house for some time, hoping to find her match in a fast-food joint - after all it happened to the girl in her favourite novel. But she is disappointed when she finds no one. Bahuji passes away unexpectedly, leaving the house in Lallo's name. Bahuji's relatives are furious and go to the police to complain about it, alleging that Lallo inheriting the house is fishy. As the police investigation begins, Lallo tries to find true love in every man she meets. But strange things start happening. Whoever she starts liking, dies in the most bizarre way. Trying hard to be like the rest and fit in, Lallo gets herself a makeover which draws the attention of multiple men. But one by one, they all die in mysterious accidents. An old novel she found in the attic convinces Lallo that she is a 'Lal Pari', someone who is cursed that her suitors die as soon as they fall in love with her. As part of the police investigation, plain-clothed cop Vikram comes to live in Lallo's house as a paying guest. Vikram finds Lallo innocent of all the deaths as the evidences turn out to be circumstantial and not connected to Lallo. In the process, Vikram gradually and secretly falls in love with Lallo. Will Lallo find her fairytale true love or is she cursed to roam the earth alone? Will Vikram be able to solve the case and declare his love for Lallo?This ZEE5 Original film revolves around Lallo, a 30-year-old recluse girl who yearns for love. She works as a caretaker, and her life changes when she inherits her employer's property.
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