Operation Olipporu

Operation Olipporu 8.6
Operation Olipporu: Two friends are forced to rob a finance firm, out of desperation from debt. Unfortunately for them, a team of 4 professional hit-men also robs the same place, as the friends helplessly hide and witness the whole crime. Things go south when they learn that one of the people they are stealing from is a Mafia Kingpin, who opens fire at the robbers during the robbery. In the chaos ensued, the two protagonists get mixed up with the hit-men, as they escape. With the mafia closing in on one side and police on the other, the two friends must now escape with the 10 Cr that the hit-men robbed, without getting caught.Two friends, on the verge of bankruptcy, decide to rob a finance firm. To their surprise, another team of professional hit-men also attempt a heist there at the same time.
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